Skin Care Advice for Hot Tub and Sauna Users

Are you having sauna or hot tub baths regularly? If so, then you need to follow some steps in order to take care of your health and just enjoy the wonderful benefits that these relaxation methods provide. Here is a very important skin care advice for hot tub and sauna users, that you must seriously take into account.

You need to use a spa-safe moisturizer when having a hot tub bath

You must help your skin retain moisture, and you can easily do this by using a spa-safe moisturizer each time you are having a hot tub bath. A spa-safe product means that it is oil-free and it doesn’t contain any sort of elements that could affect the hot tub, or clog the filter. Therefore, make sure you keep the dry skin away, while you enjoy a very relaxing hot tub bath.

You must gently dry your skin with a towel after each sauna or hot tub bath

This is a very important detail which you must not forget about. Your skin is very sensitive when you finish any of these baths, and you must highly protect it. You can do this by drying it very gently with a soft towel. Go for a bamboo towel, which is without a doubt extremely soft and absorbent. It is highly recommended to pat your skin with the towel, in order to not damage it. By doing so, you will keep it healthy and young as well.

It is recommended to apply moisturizer while the skin is still damp

By doing so, your skin will be highly hydrated after the soak. It will look amazing and it will be extremely soft. Therefore, once your skin is like this, you will look and feel excellent. Keep in mind to get a moisturizer that contains natural ingredients, in order to maximize your results.

Keep in mind to take a shower after every bath

It is essential to have a shower after you get out of the sauna or the hot tub. By doing so, you will highly clean your entire body. Furthermore, you will remove the chlorine that hot tubs have, and which can be quite irritating for your skin. Bacteria and other contaminants will also be removed. This way, your skin will be protected and it will certainly look absolutely amazing. All in all, if you are a fan of this type of baths, then you need to make sure you take into account this skin care advice for hot tub and sauna users, presented in this article, in order take care of your skin’s health.