How to Tone Your Legs in Two Weeks

If you want to be admired and to look great in a pair of shorts or a mini skirt, you must pay a lot of attention to how your legs look. The signs of cellulite and flask skin are not appealing to the eye so make sure you never get those by working your legs muscles. In case you are in a hurry and you need to boast slim and toned legs in a short time, here is how you can tone your legs in just two weeks. Combine our exercises and stick to the workout routine we suggest and your legs will look stunning.

Do some squats

Squats are awesome exercises that can help you get rid of thigh fat and tone your calves so your legs will look stunning. A well-done squat engages all the muscles in your legs so make sure you get them done right. Keep your feet slightly apart, the back straight, and the arms extended to the front. Lower your body and bend your knees to 90 degrees while keeping the back straight and remain in that position for a few seconds.

Step it up

Next in line are step-ups that can also work your legs muscles and tone your thighs and calves. You can perform steps-ups in two ways, using a bench at the gym or going to the park and climbing some steps. Either way, you will manage to work your legs muscles and make your legs look slimmer. If you choose the bench, stand in front of it and put one leg on it at a time then lower the legs to the floor while keeping your back straight. The fact that you will need to maintain balance will contract your legs muscles to the fullest.

End with a run

When toning your legs, you mustn’t forget about running or walking because it will help you work your legs and keep them slim. A simple walk instead of taking the car can act as an exercise and will contribute to your two-week leg toning program. Better yet, try the treadmill every time you go to the gym or get one at home so you can use it to increase your resistance and build more leg muscles. After warming your muscles with a set of squats and step-ups, get on the treadmill and run a few miles.

Add some weight

To maximize your results, combine your leg exercises with some ankle weights that add more resistance so your muscles will work harder. The weights can be used while running, walking, or during any type of leg exercise meant to tone your muscles. The All Pro ones, for example, are size and weight adjustable so you can add or remove weights to make them comfortable and safe to use.