How to Lighten Your Skin Naturally

A bright and glowing skin is the ultimate beauty enhancer that every woman dreams of but it can sometimes be very hard to obtain. Also, most of the solutions available on the market are filled with chemicals so they are not very tempting to try. However, there are some natural tricks that can help you lighten your skin naturally and without any side effects.

Use a skin lightening cream

Although you might think that a skin lightening cream is not a natural way of bleaching your skin, there are some products that contain only natural ingredients. Such a product is the Key West Health & Beauty skin lightening cream based only on natural ingredients and hyaluronic acid that restores the natural glow of your skin and corrects dark spots.

Try lemon juice

Being a powerful acidic ingredient, lemon is one of the most efficient skin lighteners that shows immediate and amazing results. The fact that lemons contain acids, vitamin C and antioxidants enables them to regulate the skin complexion and to remove dark spots. You can either dip a cloth in lemon juice and rub your skin with it or you could mix lemon juice with another bleaching ingredient.

Apply honey to your skin

Honey is the strongest natural antibacterial and anti-microbial and its list of benefits seems endless, therefore, we are not surprised to see that it can also help you achieve a lighter skin tone. You can apply honey directly to your face to allow it to heal and remove skin scars, blemishes, or age spots.

Wash with milk

Milk has great skin whitening properties due to the lactic acid that can change the color of your skin. Include milk into your daily beauty routine by washing your skin with it as you would wash it with a cosmetic cleanser.

Make a yogurt mask

Yogurt is a by-product of milk so it has basically the same properties in lightening the tone of your skin. The added advantage of yogurt is that you can apply it to your skin and leave it to work for longer so the effects will be more visible. Mix yogurt with lemon juice, honey, or turmeric to increase its efficiency in bleaching your skin.


Oranges contain vitamin C that is very effective in adjusting your skin to a lighter tone and you can use their properties in different ways. Orange juice is the most simple way and the most effective as well because the most vitamin C is concentrated in the juice. You can also apply orange peels to your skin or dry and grind them to create a powder that you can mix with any other ingredient in our list.