How to Fill in Eyebrows

Your eyebrows have without a doubt a huge influence on your overall look. You need to make sure they look absolutely great at all times. If they are quite light and sparse as well, then you must do something in order to rectify the situation. Therefore, here is how to fill in eyebrows, so that you can look excellent.

Get rid of stray hairs

This is the first thing you need to do, in order to obtain the desired result. Therefore, make sure you get rid of stray hairs below and above your natural eyebrows. Furthermore, remove the hairs between your two eyebrows as well.

The excess hair must be trimmed

This is another important thing you need to do. You can do this by using a small eyebrow scissors. Place it horizontally above your brow, and then carefully cut the hair that reaches beyond the top of your eyebrow line. You need to be very careful to not over trim.

The next step is to underline underneath your eyebrows

For this process, it is highly recommended to use a brow pencil. Keep in mind to follow the bottom shape of your brow. Use soft strokes to underline it, and make sure that the line doesn’t look too dramatic. The underside of your eyebrows needs to be very well defined.

Shape your brows

In order to obtain a perfect result, you need to make sure you measure correctly your inner brow and then mark your starting point. Just make a dot by using an eyeliner, so that you keep track of the place where your hair should start. Remove any hair before the mark. Once you do so, you must find the end of your brow. You can do this by placing a straight object on a diagonal. Start from the outside corner of your nostril and then extend to the outside crease of your eye. If there is any hair that extends past the straight object toward the side of the face, then you must definitely remove it. The next step is to find the natural arch, and you can easily do this by placing again, a straight object on a diagonal, starting from the outside corner of the nostril to the outside of the iris. The high point in your arch must be at the point where the straight object actually extends and reaches the top of the brow.

The last step is to fill your brows

Once you follow all the above steps correctly, you will definitely obtain an excellent result. When actually filling your eyebrow, you need to consider your skin tone, so that you can choose the right color for filling, in order to obtain a natural result. Start the filling process using a powder. Continue with outlining the rest of your eyebrows. Once you do so, you need to brush out the color by using a brush in order to spread the colored powder and also disperse it throughout the brow hairs. By doing so, your brows will look naturally defined and less harsh as well. Overall, by knowing exactly how to fill in eyebrows, you will have an excellent look.