Fall 2016 Nail Design Trends

Every stylish woman wants to look good to the tip of her nails so the nail design she chooses is very important in completing her outfit. Believe it or not, fall nail designs exist the same way as fall clothes designs exist and their purpose is to help you complete an outfit with the most beautiful nails. Check out the nail trends for the fall of 2016 so you will know what to ask for next time you go to the salon.

Earthy tones

As usual, fall best matches earthy tones that make you think about the changes that occur in nature, the leaves that fall from the trees, and the rained ground. If you prefer one nail polish, go for hues of brown, copper, burgundy, marsala, or mauve. Nude nails are a must-have this season so you can try them and make them more interesting with a single detail like one nail painted in a stronger color.


If you want to add a touch of lightness and sparkle to your manicure, opt for a golden nail polish that will highlight your nails. Gold is a detail that will pop out so if you are not looking for attention but you still want to boast a modern manicure, you can have only one nail painted in gold or you can combine it with a more simple hue.

Black lines

To create a contrast or a model on your nails, this fall you can try black stripes in combination with other lighter colors. This year, simplicity is wanted so the nail trends imply less bold and complicated designs and prints. Thin, black lines over another nail polish color will help you achieve a simple yet elegant manicure, versatile enough for any occasion.

Matte colors

This year’s fall season keeps the matte nails trend that was so popular during the previous seasons. The matte effect offered by matte nail polish was preferred by women who wanted an elegant and work-appropriate manicure. There is a wide range of colors to choose from as many of the actual nail polish brands offer a matter version of their products.